The Cons of Hosting at Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can host your website from home, but is it really cheaper and can you really save money? That is a question I get asked all the time from web masters and this handy infographic will let you know why I wouldn’t recommend it.

Your own web server will need a static IP address that doesn’t change for starters, you will need a fast web server and do you care if you choke your personal bandwidth?

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How iPage Stopped WordPress Hackers & Their Botnet

How to Get Started with InMotion HostingFor over a week now, the popular CMS platform WordPress has been getting slammed by a massive botnet of a claimed 90,000 machines. The hackers have been attempting to brute force their way into accounts that use weak passwords and are using the standard WordPress username ‘admin’.

The botnet is comprised of machines infected with malware, with most of the users of these computers unaware they are part of these attacks. The botnet channels bandwidth from these machines and attempts to crack passwords of WordPress sites that a) Use the default URL for logging in, /wp-admin and b) use the default username ‘admin.

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How to Get Started with LunarPages Hosting

How to Get Started with LunarPages HostingFinding the ideal Web hosting service provider can be a daunting task. With the many available companies offering almost the exact same thing, the process could turn out to be very time-consuming and confusing, at the same time.

As one of the trusted Web hosting companies today, Lunarpages provides a wide array of hosting assistance for different types of customers. We will discuss Lunarpages’ website hosting packages according to their target market – starting from the very basic to the most comprehensive package meant for larger companies.

Before scouting the Internet for the appropriate Web hosting package, you need to first determine the scope of your needs. Doing so will greatly cut down the time spent researching the Internet’s vast information cache looking for the perfect package, much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Know what you want and need, then start looking.

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How to Get Started with InMotion Hosting

How to Get Started with InMotion HostingConsumers get swayed to buy a product or service based on many diverse, even amusing, reasons. It could be the company spokesperson’s personality, the company logo, the promise of a discounted rate or a specialized service not found in other companies or the pull of their advertisement or campaign.

InMotion Hosting has become known for actually delivering what they promise and not just get stuck n the premise of the promise. If you are thinking of getting your Web hosting services with this company, you must find a way to deflect the lure of attractive packages being offered elsewhere and focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of whatever service you feel you or your company is looking for.

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How to Get Started with GoDaddy Hosting

How to Get Started with GoDaddy HostingIn this day and age, very few businesses run without representation on the Internet. Seldom will you see an enterprise, especially a fairly big and well-known one, without their very own website that you can check and access for details and promos, and maybe a purchase or two, whenever you have the need to do so, wherever in the world you may be. What has become crucial, in terms of website access and content, is how fast and easy it is to visit the site as well as how attractive the Web pages are, making them a joy to peruse.

Why do you need to get the best Web hosting service there is? And, which Web hosting service provider can give you what you want and need for your website? These are just a few of the questions you must ask yourself before tying up with a company that will be tasked to run your website for you and consequentially, partner with you in the eventual success of your venture, either as a company or as an individual.

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How to Plan for Your Shared Hosting Solution

How to Plan for Your Shared Hosting SolutionHow to Choose the Best Shared CPanel Web Hosting Account and Feature Overview of a Shared CPanel Web Hosting Package Although there are a lot of good CPanel Web hosting providers in the market, you must first determine what your needs are to get the best shared CPanel Web hosting package. You need to draw out a planing terms of your budget, the requirements of your website and the demands of your site administrators and target viewers. This means you should clearly know what type of website are you intending to put up, whether it is a small business website, an online store, a blog, an online game or even a social  networking site.

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Cloud Web Hosting for Businesses

Cloud Web Hosting for BusinessesCloud Web hosting enhances productivity of online businesses and is a big factor for small companies to prosper and grow. Because cloud hosting uses decentralization, during power failure and sometimes even natural calamities, sites which use cloud hosting are not affected. It uses a system in which when one computer or its hardware has malfunctioned, the other computers in the system will still function and will even help make up for the loss due to hardware, software or bandwidth failure. Cloud Web hosting gives you just the exact resources your website needs, which can be more or less than what is already implemented into your cloud hosting account.

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What to Look For When You Host in the Cloud

What to Look For When You Host in the CloudIn choosing a cloud host service provider, you have to determine the capability and dependability of the provider. You have to make a thorough assessment of these providers, keeping in mind its reputation and user feedback, experience and stability in performance. It is better if you confer with those who have already used a certain provider before deciding what best suits your needs. The following should be considered in choosing the right provider:

Reputation and company stability: Be wise in evaluating a company, look into their customer feedbacks, community threads that talk about the customer’s experiences and troubles with the provider. Check the reviews made by experts on a particular host you’ve been eyeing to avail. You should also assess the company’s profile, how stable their servers are in the past year, related blogs and other pertinent information that will tell you about its competency and knowledge when it comes to cloud hosting.

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Why It’s Important to Choose a Reliable Blog Hosting Solution

Why It's Important to Choose a Reliable Blog Hosting SolutionWhat is a blog Web hosting account and how do you choose the best blog Web hosting plan that meets your need and outlook in creating a blog site? These questions oftentimes create a mind boggling experience to avid writers, bloggers and Internet marketers out there who want to have a taste of their own blogging site. It is a fantastic feeling to experience the fact that people would come to your site so they can read your articles and information about you. Before you can have the look and feel of it, you need to determine first how to set up your account and the best packages out there that you can use to create the best blogging site. A blog site is important due to the following reasons:

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The Best Web Hosting Providers

The Best Web Hosting ProvidersWeb Hosting Plan Advantages and Feature Overview of 5 Best Web Hosting Companies – iPage, JustHost, FatCow, HostGator and HostPapa

Learning about the 5 best Web hosting providers according to user reviews and offer features will help you choose the most suitable Web hosting plan for your particular needs. Here are the 5 best Web hosting providers as of this writing:

1. iPage

The iPage popularity as a web hosting company has been slowly rising over the years as many users are signing up for its service and features. Hosting is supported by Linux operating systems and offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Users can also create e-mail accounts and databases that are essential for their sites. Moreover, they offer free domain names that also come with certain features.

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