The Best Web Hosting Providers

The Best Web Hosting ProvidersWeb Hosting Plan Advantages and Feature Overview of 5 Best Web Hosting Companies – iPage, JustHost, FatCow, HostGator and HostPapa

Learning about the 5 best Web hosting providers according to user reviews and offer features will help you choose the most suitable Web hosting plan for your particular needs. Here are the 5 best Web hosting providers as of this writing:

1. iPage

The iPage popularity as a web hosting company has been slowly rising over the years as many users are signing up for its service and features. Hosting is supported by Linux operating systems and offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Users can also create e-mail accounts and databases that are essential for their sites. Moreover, they offer free domain names that also come with certain features.

They have an “Anytime money back guarantee”, which means that anytime you are not satisfied with the server’s performance, you can terminate your account and will receive a pro-rated refund. Full refunds are given for clients who terminate their account within a 30-day trial period.

Their facilities and offices are operated and powered by green energy. They use wind generated renewable energy for their electrical consumption. A disadvantage of an iPage Web hosting plan is that this provider does not support Web host servers running on Microsoft windows. Their plans also don’t cater to more advanced upgrade options.

2. JustHost

JustHost is a company that is established and known for its dependability. This has caused the company to rise in popularity in the market due to their skillfulness, practical rates and of course, dependability.

JustHost promises 99.9% uptime, which they live up to with a dedicated and competent team who monitor their hosts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maintenance and upkeep of your website is very important, and this service provider employs a technical support team that will cater to your site’s needs.

They offer reasonable prices that fit their client’s budget for resources, upkeep and other needs. Their plans offer a money back guarantee and will be fully refunded in the first 30-days of your subscription.

Also, their plans feature unlimited offers. Storage, bandwidth, domains and MySQL databases among others have unlimited deals.

3. FatCow

FatCow was established in 1998 and is now mainly used by small business users. They have a user-friendly hosting plan, which also has a MiniMoo offer if the user doesn’t opt for the full package. You can already start with a domain name and an email address just to be visible on the Web.

They have inexpensive offers, but with limited database capacity. It also does not provide different levels of hosting and upgrades. FatCow is not recommended for large-scale businesses that have high traffic and bandwidth demand, and the web host provider is the one responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

An advantage of this host is the profit you can earn from promoting their Web hosting products as their affiliate. They have pre-made affiliate ads to help support your program, and online tools and controls to help monitor your commissions with the help of The Moo Crew.

4. HostGator

HostGator is a global web hosting business established in 2002. The company has over one million domains that are being hosted by Hostgator as of this writing, which makes up approximately 1% of all internet traffic. It is popular for dependable hosting solutions that can be operated by beginners and also experienced Web developers.

HostGator provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server and dedicated servers. It has excellent customer service available via phone or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More support is available online in forums, threads and tutorials.

This company offer plans that will suit your budget and meet your needs. They offer unlimited storage and Bandwidth, Sub Domains, FTP Accounts and MySQL Databases. They have Baby and Business plans, which has unlimited domain hosting. Clients who choose VPS or dedicated hosting get the same benefits and enjoy more advanced features.

Customers also gain a free site builder, free website templates, free scripts, the latest version of the cPanel software, Web merchant tools and a 45-day money back guarantee.

5. HostPapa

HostPapa provides customers with a full featured hosting package and excellent support services. HostPapa is an established, private company and dominate the high-performance, low-cost hosting industry.

HostPapa has an established reputation in security, dependability, technical knowledge and excellent customer support. They offer guaranteed uptime, 24/7 customer service, security and dependability, excellent technology, easy to use system tools and free domains for life.

Comparing each Web hosting plan that is offered by these 5 best Web hosting companies will surely help you make an informed buying decision and get the exact Web hosting account that your websites need. You should also keep in mind to ask for customized options, so you can tailor-fit your Web hosting subscription plan with your overall requirements and budget. Do this by contacting their customer and technical support agents, so you can also determine the responsiveness, professionalism and reliability of their support services.


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