How to Get Started with InMotion Hosting

How to Get Started with InMotion HostingConsumers get swayed to buy a product or service based on many diverse, even amusing, reasons. It could be the company spokesperson’s personality, the company logo, the promise of a discounted rate or a specialized service not found in other companies or the pull of their advertisement or campaign.

InMotion Hosting has become known for actually delivering what they promise and not just get stuck n the premise of the promise. If you are thinking of getting your Web hosting services with this company, you must find a way to deflect the lure of attractive packages being offered elsewhere and focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of whatever service you feel you or your company is looking for.

The wide array of Web hosting packages to choose from shows you how diverse and vast the company’s capabilities are. Big businesses can go for their Dedicated Hosting services with InMotion’s different dedicated server packages. Dishing out good speed, security and uptime performances, these packages are able to satisfy businesses with high volume traffic requiring a control panel, unlimited email accounts, custom firewall, vast MySQL databases and 24/7 support, among other things. The packages can be a bit costly though as you will be given your own server to with as you please.

On the other hand, clients availing of a VPS Hosting package can still claim to enjoy high standard performances without busting the budget, with a few limitations, of course. For example, since you will be sharing a server, whatever programs you or the other users install may affect the overall performance of the other virtual users on the server slowing down performance speed.

The 3 packages offered for VPS hosting – VPS 1000, VPS2000 and VPS3000, cover the needs of clients with different requirements for their systems but all come with the same features enjoyed by Dedicated Hosting packages like Optional Root Access, Reliable Network and Hardware and 24/7 customer support. It all boils down to what you or your company can afford to keep your website up and running efficiently and your customers served and happy day in and day out.

Websites created primarily for business purposes may take comfort in the fact that InMotion has exclusive technology to help them produce excellent speed of traffic for both the website as well as the email services. Just like their other hosting categories, the Business Class has different levels to suit businesses of all types and sizes.

A wonderful option to InMotion’s Web hosting services is the possibility of having a special website custom-designed to fit your particular profession, industry or passion. Offering customized looks for different groups of clientele, this particular package can create artfully-built pages, ranging from 5 to 15, that are sure to attract the right customers to your kind of business.

The Custom Web Design option will not only help you set up your website for business or service, it will also help you maintain the site and provide you with a business email and free 1st year registration of you unique domain name. Search engine optimization is also part of the special services which will greatly increase traffic in your website, a must for every business enterprise. What’s more, this unique web-hosting package also maximizes on the world’s rapt attention to social networking sights. It allows your website to be integrated with the most visited social media programs in the world today like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

For people with discriminating tastes that go for nothing but high quality services, InMotion Hosting’s diverse line of Web hosting packages ensure the utmost performance, no matter the nature of your website. Fueled with a strong line-up of programs and software to keep your website existence smooth-sailing and well-protected, satisfied customers surely get their money’s worth.

Each and every hosting package boasts of accessibility to blogging and content management system programs like Joomla and WordPress . They also come with an efficient Web hosting control panel (cPanel), Web Host Manager (WHM) and a special installation program (Softaculous) to simplify application installations, making everything as worry-free as possible. Aside from that, clients can use their email in peace knowing that SpamAssasin is in place to automatically filter incoming messages, immediately isolating any suspicious email in the Inbox.

As most of the websites hosted will mainly cater to business entities, all of InMotion’s packages already include e-Commerce features like shopping carts with osCommerce and payment processing systems that are easy to install and maintain to help customers set up and run online stores seamlessly and everything, for free.

With the thousands of products and services available online, what is most important is to be able to decipher a certain target market for your business and be able to successfully capture it. It has now been accepted worldwide that one of the fastest ways to promote a business is via the Internet. Choosing the Web hosting service provider that could help you spread your wings in the business world through a package best-suited for the company’s needs coupled with effective and efficient Web hosting and managing, are sure-fire ways to get a strong foothold in the business of your choice. This should allow you to tread steadily on a road that would take you to greater heights.

InMotion Hosting takes care of new and old businesses that are ready to take on stronger challenges. Ensuring high volume traffic, efficient service and service optimization, their different web-hosting packages definitely catch attention. With every avenue of Web hosting covered, many testimonies of fruitful partnerships attest to the success that their services bring.

Touted as one of the best features of the company’s packages is their reliable 24/7 customer service which is available to all of InMotion’s clients. As technology can sometimes be as unpredictable as the weather, having someone to call and reach out to for assistance is one major factor why customers often choose a product or service. Luckily, with InMotion Hosting, customer service and satisfaction is what the business is all about.


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