Cloud Web Hosting for Businesses

Cloud Web Hosting for BusinessesCloud Web hosting enhances productivity of online businesses and is a big factor for small companies to prosper and grow. Because cloud hosting uses decentralization, during power failure and sometimes even natural calamities, sites which use cloud hosting are not affected. It uses a system in which when one computer or its hardware has malfunctioned, the other computers in the system will still function and will even help make up for the loss due to hardware, software or bandwidth failure. Cloud Web hosting gives you just the exact resources your website needs, which can be more or less than what is already implemented into your cloud hosting account.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Web Hosting Account

Basically, in choosing the right or the best cloud Web hosting plan, you should always keep in mind what your business needs and how it will help you succeed. Here are the things you must consider in choosing the Best cloud Web host account:

Bandwidth – Consider how much bandwidth your site will need. If it gets a substantial volume of regular traffic, then you should avail of plans with bigger bandwidth resources. Some of the best cloud host plans offer unlimited bandwidth. This may be due to the decrease in its costs in the past years.

Data Storage – Think of the type of business you are opening. If it’s a site where you just put up your portfolio or just advertise and use squeeze pages, then you don’t need that much storage. But if you will start a blog that needs regular posts or perhaps an online shopping site, then you will need a large storage space. It’s a good thing though that some of the best host plans would allow you to just gradually increase your storage space through upgrades, and some of them would also offer unlimited storage space for your website.

Uptime and Cost – Always go for hosting companies that offer dependable uptime guarantees. Some may cost more, but you should consider the longevity, how much money you may save or lose in the period of time you will be using the host plan.

Operating System – There are two choices of operating systems where your website can be hosted. There’s Windows or Linux. Always keep in mind what type of scripts your website will be running.

Data Security and Privacy Plus Website Stability and Server Reliability – The most important things to remember when you choose a cloud Web host account include data security, website stability and server reliability. It can affect your income and especially your ranking in search engines. Be certain that you are not sharing your IP with websites who send out spam. Always look for Web hosting providers that offer secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and those who offer 128-bit SSL certificate encryption.

Feature Overview of a Cloud Web Hosting Package

Storm on Demand is a cloud web host server with a well-known reputation for being reliable and for exemplifying excellence in catering to their user’s demands with established technologies that have a total service level agreement (SLA). SLA gives excellent security and is necessary in case of natural calamities or power outages that could incur data losses. It was developed by Liquid Web Inc. engineers. Storm Bare Metal, a storm on demand cloud server, has every feature that most users are familiar with through the years of using storm servers. But the only difference is, all of its features, including firewalls, server setup, cloning, back-ups and resizing are delivered on a private dedicated server which enables users to have hardware transparency. This means that users can determine the memory, processor or configurations needed for their Web hosting accounts an websites.

This server also features a Dashboard which is quite convenient for the users to navigate. It makes migration quicker and simpler with just one click.

Storm Bare metal can be bundled with low end processors like the Intel Pentium E5300 with one 2600MHz computer processing units, 220GB SATA storage and 1.9GB of RAM for $0.12 computing hour or $90 if via a monthly subscription plan.

It can also be integrated with high end processors like the AMD Opteron 2350 with two 2000MHz computer processing units eight cores combined, RAID 10 configuration with four 1,853 GB hard drives and 32GB of RAM for $0.69 computing hour or $500 if via a monthly subscription package.

Its cloud-attached firewall, operating outside the server, isolates threats from the worldwide web and provides basic functions that are easy to use. You can even control the whole traffic of your site with its advanced options.

In cases of restoration failure or server instability, highly qualified Web server administrators and network engineers are deployed. They have routine checks for maintaining the responsiveness and the health of your servers. They also send out a warning if necessary configuration changes are to be made.

Data protection is guaranteed because of well-developed security precautions. Storm on Demand also has excellent customer service and support. Engineers are ready to help 24hours a day, 7days a week regarding problems or troubles you may be experiencing. They are available through live Web chat, or by phone, and you can even send an e-mail depending on your need or preference.


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