How to Plan for Your Shared Hosting Solution

How to Plan for Your Shared Hosting SolutionHow to Choose the Best Shared CPanel Web Hosting Account and Feature Overview of a Shared CPanel Web Hosting Package Although there are a lot of good CPanel Web hosting providers in the market, you must first determine what your needs are to get the best shared CPanel Web hosting package. You need to draw out a planing terms of your budget, the requirements of your website and the demands of your site administrators and target viewers. This means you should clearly know what type of website are you intending to put up, whether it is a small business website, an online store, a blog, an online game or even a social  networking site.

Next, do you want your own server setup, or would you just want to use a server box to save one expenses? You must be prepared to review the costs and resources needed to guarantee success for your site. Make all of these decisions first before actually looking into offers and plans of any shared CPanel Web hosting company, in order for you to know and get what you exactly need.

First, weigh your knowledge when it comes to the technical aspect of putting up a website. Familiarize yourself with the technical terms and simple steps for troubleshooting minor to major hardware, software and bandwidth problems. You must be equipped with substantial knowledge, though it doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert. Instead, just learn the basics on how to install, run, and maintain a website.

When you already developed a thorough plan for your website and have learned a little of the technical side of it, enough to keep your site up and running, you must now choose the best shared CPanel web host plan that perfectly suits your needs. In doing so, there are things to consider.

Storage and Bandwidth. This is the very first thing to think about when choosing a plan. Consider the needs of the site you will put up. Will it get a large volume of traffic on a regular basis? Does it need huge disk space? If you will use a number of videos, pictures, file uploads and downloads, you have to avail of bigger data storage and bandwidth resources. Determine the and width needs of your site and your target viewers as well as the content management activities of your site administrators.

Costs. As mentioned earlier, develop a budget. Note if the profits are enough to pay for the site. Make a comparison of the annual and monthly cost of each plan and decide which is more practical for you to avail. Some companies offer upgrades so you can start small, and as your site grows in traffic and profit, you can upgrade to a plan that best suits you.You must keep in mind the upkeep of your site. How much will it cost you? Choose plans with reasonable but dependable maintenance features to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.

Uptime and features: Make sure that the service provider you will use has a good uptime offer, which gives a guarantee that your site will always be working well. Go for a plan that has a dependable uptime guarantee. Look into customer reviews for you to know if the company exemplifies high performance and satisfaction for their clients.

Third party script installers – CPanel packages are different. Not all of them share the same third party script installers. Assess the ones you will need for your site.

Data transfer. In choosing a package, make sure that the speed of its data transfer is reliable and stable. This ensures that you will only have quality service for your site and you are getting your time and money’s worth.

Usability for all types of people. CPanel hosts are relatively easy to use, so make sure your chosen service provider offers a user friendly set-up that will make things easier and faster for you.

Customer service. Choose a provider who takes care of their clients and will provide answers and assistance when it comes to problems you encounter in your site. Customer feedback is very important in assessing the company’s competency and reliability in complying with their user’s demands and needs.

Feature Overview of a Shared CPanel Web Hosting Package

BlueHost is one of the pioneers and the most successfully established Web hosting companies in the industry. The company has the latest Web hosting tools and features plus the latest version of CPanel which other company’s charge extra for.

This Web hosting company offers a user-friendly simple script, which allows script adding even if it is unsupported by their Web hosts. The company boasts that they have the best control panel option even for smartphones. They also offer excellent support for multi media streaming and are said to be supported by fast and reliable servers. Most users said they experienced no downtimes with this provider. Bluehost is equipped with a highly knowledgeable technical support team that can fix problems or resolve issues as they happen, according to some customers.

BlueHost offers a free domain name for the first year of their client’s subscription with free CPC (Cost Per Click) ad credits worth $50 that can be used in a popular social networking site and another $100 of CPC ad credits in a widely used Internet search engine.

The secret to their success is that they do not mislead their clients with unlimited offers and promos. They are adamant in emphasizing that there is no such thing as unlimited Web hosting. They are direct and firm in accentuating the section in their terms and conditions regarding unlimited usage Policies.

Their clients have a limit of 200,000 files and 1,000 MySQL tables for each account. In a single MySQL database, the limit is 2GB, and in all MySQL databases, there is a limit of 3GB. Everything is stated in their terms and conditions and they advise to read them thoroughly before agreeing with their contract.

Bluehost guarantees satisfaction and excellence in terms of their customer service team, which is accessible through phone, live chat or e-mail. They do not outsource their customer and technical support services, which means all of their customer service representatives are based in the US, and this ensures clear communications between agents and customers.

One of the most popular offers of this company for their dedicated and shared CPanel Web hosting subscription plans is their 30-day money back guarantee. If the customer cancels his account within the 30-day period, he or she will have a full refund. If the customer cancels after the 30-day period he or she will have a pro-rated refund.

When it comes to the domain name, it can only be unregistered for the next 3days,. If you will terminate your account after 3 days, you will still pay for the domain name and you will own it for the rest of the year.


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